Where Art Becomes Magic

Remember the childhood feeling of wonder, that the world was full of magical and mysterious things just outside your field of vision?

Smokey Spells was born out of that feeling.

We believe life is more meaningful when it's infused with a bit magic.

 At Smokey Spells we do our utmost to rekindle that sense wonder and bring those exciting mystical energies into adulthood. 

How We're Unique

In order to be as Earth friendly as possible, nothing we offer is mass produced. 

Our small collections come and go with the seasons.

We do our best to balance sustainability with affordability.

We carefully source the most sustainable materials we can, while also keeping the finished product at an affordable price point. 

Whenever possible our packaging and shipping materials are reused, reusable, recyclable &/or recycled, printed with environmentally friendly inks and papers. Items are packed in non-toxic, biodegradable stars and hearts that can dissolve in water. 

When you open a Smokey Spells package, you'll feel the love, care, and positive vibes that went into every step of creating it.