5 Reasons Why Black White Tarot Decks are Great for Beginners

Tarot decks are amazing keys for unlocking your inner knowledge, but with literally hundreds of beautiful decks available, choosing one to begin your tarot journey with can be overwhelming. The illustrations, colors & symbolism, and style varies widely from deck to deck. Black white decks offer a simplicity that can help cut out some of the confusion. 

1. Clear Messages

Color can be a big part of the meaning of each card and when you're first learning, deciphering the nuances of color symbolism can be distracting. With black white tarot decks, the imagery alone has to speak clearly and concisely. Their illustrations tend to be simpler and more minimalist with potent symbolism. This makes it easier to glean the meaning of than that of color decks. Black and white decks have a magnifying, mirror-like quality to them. They reflect your inner knowledge, loud and clear.

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2. Quick Interpretations

Learning tarot card meanings and conducting your first readings can be time consuming and require a large output of energy. Daily readings are beneficial when you're starting out, but getting bogged down in deciphering meanings can quickly dampen your enthusiasm. The simplicity and reflective nature of black and white cards can offer quick, satisfying readings. 

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3. Versatility

Black and white tarot decks can be used in a wider range of settings and situations compared to decks with colored illustrations. They are less likely to clash with the aesthetic of a reading space or the preferences of the reader or client.

4. Neutral Energy

Because black and white are considered neutral colors, they create a blank canvas for intuition and interpretation. Without the influence of color psychology, readers may find it easier to connect with their own intuitive insights. These decks have a timeless quality that appeals to a broader audience. They can be less culturally specific, making them suitable for a wider range of readers.

5. Ease of Choosing a Deck

The simple color palette makes the imagery and style of the designs stand out. There are thousands of decks out there. This is a way to narrow down the choices. 

Choosing the Right Deck

There are many things to consider when choosing a tarot deck.

  • Does it appeal to you visually? Is the imagery intriguing? Really take some time to consider the designs. Just because they're beautiful to look at doesn't mean they'll necessarily speak to you. My very first deck was a gorgeous artist's deck, but it was completely silent. I couldn't connect with it at all and ended up giving it away to a friend. My most efficacious decks are often ones that don't match the aesthetic I'm normally drawn to. Sometimes we need a deck that makes us a see things in a fresh light.
  • Are the suits the classic wands, swords, cups, and pentacles/coins? Some indie decks have substituted these for alternative representations of the suits. If you're just learning and using a guidebook this can be a little confusing. 
  • Does it come with a content rich guidebook? A guidebook with the artist's interpretations of the card meanings can be very helpful and a great supplement to a general tarot guide.
black and white tarot decks

Hopefully this has given you some helpful things to consider when choosing a black and white deck.

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